Minnesota Twins City Connect release: Everything you need to know

Here's everything to know about the Minnesota Twins new City Connect uniforms
The Minnesota Twins will debut new City Connect uniforms on Monday, and here's everything you need to know.
The Minnesota Twins will debut new City Connect uniforms on Monday, and here's everything you need to know. / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

For the first time since being introduced by MLB a few years back, the Minnesota Twins will be debuting City Connect uniforms.

The Twins are one of the last teams to get onboard the trend, and we're going to finally find out what the uniforms will look like. It will mark the fifth jersey the team will have in its rotation, joining the home whites, away pinstripes, alternate navy blues, and the Twin Cities cream alternates.

Here's everything to know about the new Minnesota Twins City Connect uniforms, from the release date to the on-field debut, to what they look like once they're finally revealed.

Minnesota Twins City Connect release date

After months of waiting, we will finally get to see what the Twins City Connect uniforms look like on Monday morning. That's when the team will officially be unveiling their new jerseys and unleashing them onto the world.

Kudos to the Twins for not allowing these things to leak, by the way. Almost every other team in the league had their City Connect uniforms at least partially leak before being revealed, yet we haven't seen a single thing that spoils the big moment for Minnesota.

When will Twins wear their City Connect uniforms?

Update (6/10) The Twins officially revealed their City Connect uniforms — called “The Ripple Effect” — on Monday.

Minnesota will reveal the new uniforms on Monday, and put them on sale in the team store, but won't actually wear them in a game until a little later.

The Twins are slated to debut their uniforms on Friday June 14th against the Oakland A's. Minnesota will wear them again on Saturday, June 15th.

What do Minnesota Twins City Connect uniforms look like?

So far we haven't seen any actual concepts leaked or revealed, but the teasers the Twins have shown give us a pretty big hint on what a core element will be. Two teasers have shown dark blue water, which rather heavily implies that lakes and the color blue will be involved.

This wouldn't be the first time a Minnesota team has incorporated these elements. The Timberwolves wore City Edition uniforms this year that were mostly white with a watery blue element washed over part of the jersey.

It's highly unlikely that the Twins copy this concept, and the use of lakes is simply a case of two teams playing in a state where there's 10,000 of them -- sort of hard to ignore lake culture here.

What we can deduce from this is that a dark blue hue will be used for the base color on the uniforms.

It also seems that First Avenue might play a role in what the final uniforms look like. The Twins dropped a not-so-subtle teaser last week that involved the famous stars on the side of the venue that featured iconic players from throughout the years.

This could be entirely unrelated to the City Connects, but it's hard to not at least think about drawing that line between dots considering how much they've been teased. Perhaps stars will play a role on the blue uniform as a way to represent First Ave but also the night sky.

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