Twins drop an absolutely massive hint about their City Connect uniforms ahead of reveal

As it turns out, these might actually rule incredibly hard.
Minnesota Twins tease potential First Avenue themed City Connect uniforms.
Minnesota Twins tease potential First Avenue themed City Connect uniforms. / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Baseball uniforms have been a point of contention for most of the season, thanks in large part to the embarassing failure of Nike, Fanatics, and the league.

Whatever the heck happened earlier this year with the cheap fabric, child-sized jersey font, and straight up missing uniforms, it seems we've come through on the otherside. It's also possible that on a long enough timeline people just stop caring, which might ultimately be the case here. Either way, we've all earned some good uniform luck and it seems the Minnesota Twins might be about ot deliever.

We've known since the offseason that the Twins would be unveiling City Connect uniforms for the first time, with June 10th circled as the reveal date. Nobody outside of the team knows what they look like, but a few teasers that have been dropped give us a least some indication of what to expect.

The first teaser implied that water -- or lakes -- would be incorporated in some way. It's the second teaser that dropped on Thursday that has even the most skeptical fan excited about what the uniforms are going to look like.

Twins tease potential First Avenue themed City Connect uniforms

The Twins dropped a teaser on Thursday that doesn't reveal anything about the uniform but heavily implies that First Avenue is going to be invovled. There's no official branding to say that, but it doesn't take a detective to see the stars on the wall with names inside to draw the connection.

For those who don't know, First Avenue has painted stars all along ites outside wall with bands that have played the venue over the years. In the Twins teaser we see former players who have made an impact on the franchise -- a not so subtle reference.

The Twins have partnered with First Avenue in the past, releasing a pretty sick theme uniform a few years back. This will be a little bit more involved than that, and First Ave might not be the prominent part of the theme, but it's clear that the team is going deep with its design.

So far we know lakes, the local music scene, and an iconic venue to the community will be involved. We'll have to wait until June 10th to see just how everything comes together, but so far things are looking good.

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