Minnesota Twins: A Fond Farewell to Puckett’s Pond

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - OCTOBER 8: Catcher Tom Prince
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - OCTOBER 8: Catcher Tom Prince /

Puckett’s Pond expert Benjamin Chase bids the site farewell, but not necessarily the Minnesota Twins!

When I was asked about taking the role of co-expert of the Minnesota Twins blog here at FanSided, it was an excellent fit for me. While I am a lifelong Atlanta Braves fan, I’ve also spent my life living in the upper midwest, and I’ve grown up immersed in the Twins, so I felt I could give the site the attention it deserved.

Today is my last day with Puckett’s Pond. I have been splitting time with this site and FanSided’s general baseball site, Call To The Pen, since I first came on board here, but in November I was offered the opportunity to move into the role of co-expert on that site, and the time requirements on that site require more time than would allow me to give Puckett’s Pond and its readers the attention it deserves.

However, there are great things going on here, and it was very hard for me to just walk away. I worked with the “higher up” folks with FanSided to ensure someone would come on board that would give the same level of energy to the site that I had, as the site has seen tremendous growth in the time I’ve been here, and I’d love to see the site continue to grow!

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Nate and John will be the co-experts on the site going forward, and they will do an amazing job, so I hope that you keep coming back for what should be an amazing year of reading in 2018.

My first article was a “Daily Dip” piece on July 3rd, and those became a fun way to research into the team’s history and highlight moments and players from the team that may have been lost to time.

Interestingly, my final piece (outside of this one) on the site was one of the countdown pieces recently that have also had the same purpose.

I will not be removing myself from covering the Minnesota Twins altogether, as I’ll certainly be writing the occasional article on the Twins over at CTTP, and I’d certainly welcome your patronage on that site.

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Last, but absolutely not least, I want to thank you, the readers, for the time you’ve given to the articles I’ve written with Puckett’s Pond since last July. I’m always impressed at the response on articles and social media, having some excellent conversations over time with a number of you.

Thank you for your reading, and stay tuned for everything that is in store for the 2018 season on Puckett’s Pond!