Minnesota Twins: Should he Stay or Should he Go? The Twins, Mauer, and 2019.

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Possible Outside Replacements

With Mauer’s 23 million coming off the books, there is a real possibility the Twins could sign someone to a decent sized contract. Now clearly they will need to look at signing some of their own guys to long term contracts, but let’s see who may be available to sign.

Carlos Santana

I have to give credit to Brandon Warne as the first on this bandwagon, but it makes sense. Granted the Twins will likely need to move on him this next offseason. His bat would fit well into the Twins lineup. Santana would add the power to first base position fans have so longed for while likely working as designated hitter in the 2018 season.

Jose Bautista

Jose Bautista has crushed the Twins it seems whenever the Bluejays are sitting in the other dugout. It isn’t certain he will be available for the Twins to sign as he has some option years coming up in his contract. His age may also be a concern as he will be 38 turning 39 if available before the 2019 season. If the Twins are looking for power to replace Mauer, moving Bautista to first base has that potential.

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Manny Machado

This would be an absolute splash. It would require that Miguel Sano move to first base but if the Twins feel they have the money as Mauer’s contract goes off the books it would be a big addition to the lineup. Not to mention Machado would give an upgrade to the left side of the infield as he is a better defender than Sano, in discussion with Nolan Arenado as the best defensive 3B in the entire league. This signing may not be realistic but Machado is set to be available and has the ability to upgrade several areas of the team as his range at third would work well next to a future Nick Gordon/Jorge Polanco shortstop as well.

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Twins fans, this is your home town guy, and now it is your turn. What would you do with Mauer? Would you pay him and how much? Are there other Twins’ minor league players who should get a chance? Another Free Agent you would like to see with the Twins?