Minnesota Twins: Fantasy Baseball Evaluation and Re-Draft

Apr 16, 2017; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer's (7) bats wait in the dugout prior to the game between the Minnesota Wolves and the Chicago White Sox at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 16, 2017; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer's (7) bats wait in the dugout prior to the game between the Minnesota Wolves and the Chicago White Sox at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports /

The Minnesota Twins have performed differently than expected on the field. Let’s take a look and see how that has impacted fantasy squads.

Minnesota Twins fans and sports fans love drafts. For months we predict, cover, and analyze the NFL Draft. Specifically here at Puckett’s Pond we have taken a look at the MLB Amateur Draft that is upcoming. Every draft process draws attention and intrigue in ways that rivals some of the actual games.

As a fantasy sports player, the draft is often the highlight of the whole fantasy process for many. The only thing better is hoisting the championship trophy (figurative or physical) at the end of the season.

As fantasy team managers, we do our best impression of the real front offices as we research, draft, and then reap the rewards of our work. We are at a point in the season where evaluation can start. And that evaluation will reveal if picks brought rewarded or regret. So let’s take a look how some Twins’ players are exceeding or failing to meet the expectations fantasy owners had as they drafted their teams.

Minnesota Twins

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To get this exercise started we will see where Twins were drafted based on their ESPN Average Draft Position (ADP):

  1. Brian Dozier ADP: 33.1
  2. Miguel Sano ADP: 122.6
  3. Byron Buxton ADP: 178.3
  4. Max Kepler ADP: 212.7
  5. Ervin Santana ADP: 222.2
  6. Brandon Kintzler ADP: 222.3

After these six players the Twins did not have fantasy relevance and the rest of the team went largely undrafted.

Now let’s turn to ESPN Player Rater to see how all us owners should have viewed Twins players based on their performances to this point. There were six names often drafted by teams so we will highlight the 6 best according to the player rater.

6. Hector Santiago

There were some before the season that would have been OK if Santiago wasn’t on the team at all. Despite that he has been a bright spot in the Twins actual rotation. Looks like Santiago’s 9 starts with a 3.96 ERA has helped some fantasy squads as well. Without the clunker against the Cleveland Indians Santiago’s numbers would be much better.

5. Jose Berrios

Two starts in, and Berrios is already having an impact on fantasy rosters. He went largely undrafted, with good reason since he was not part of the Twins opening day roster. His 2 wins, 15 strikeouts, and 0.59 ERA is making him a heavily added player in fantasy leagues.

4. Brian Dozier

Dozier has been heavily disappointing for fans and owners alike. The hope is that he will find his groove again soon. A .243 average, 18 runs, 5 home runs, 15 RBI, and 6 stolen bases can hold bench value on your fantasy team. For owners who drafted him with the 33rd pick overall they are hoping for much more from him.

3. Brandon Kintzler

Kintzler has to be the biggest surprise on this list. He always held value in most formats simply because he was named the teams closer and saves can become hard to come by. No one would have expected he would be holding a 1.80 ERA and have 11 saves, putting him towards the top in the American League for saves.

2. Miguel Sano

Sano has been on a roll this season. This is likely what Miguel Cabrera owners were expecting. Sano is hitting .304 with 28 runs, 10 home runs, 34 RBIs. That is good enough to land him as 36th on the Player Rater after having a ADP of 122.6 during drafts.

1. Ervin Santana

Santana tops of this list of mainly welcomed surprises. HIs success has been well documented as he boasts 6 wins, 44 strike outs, and a 2.07 ERA. That is good for 15th on the player rater after his ADP of 222.2. Very good return on investment for any of his owners.

Going Forward

While the Player Rater is good for what has happened. Here are my thoughts on ranking these Twins players going forward and how I would draft them today.

  1. Miguel Sano
  2. Ervin Santana
  3. Jose Berrios
  4. Brian Dozier
  5. Max Kepler
  6. Brandon Kintzler

As you can see, to a point I am a believer in what is happening. Kepler sneaks onto this list. It just looks like the way he is driving the ball, it is only a matter of time until he starts to find holes between defenders instead of defender’s gloves.

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In conclusion, the Twins have been surprising in the games that count. This list also shows how so many of them have also been surprising to fantasy owners. Hopefully you were someone who swooped in late on a player like Sano, Santana, or Kintzler and have been rewarded for it.