Minnesota Twins: Joe Mauer and Byron Buxton Could Make Offense More Dangerous

The Minnesota Twins offense has been stellar through April. There are still two cold players that can help make it better: Joe Mauer and Byron Buxton.

The Minnesota Twins offense has been getting more impressive by the week. Miguel Sano has emerged as a potential superstar, while Max Kepler has also flashed star-like skill at the plate. With so much working, it’s hard to imagine it getting better. Fortunately, it can with the possibility of Joe Mauer and Byron Buxton coming alive at the plate.

Both players have had tough starts to their seasons. Mauer is currently batting .226, which is 35 points lower than his average last season and 81 points lower than his career mark. While Mauer is not the player he once was, he still can bat much better than what he is now.

A move from the cleanup spot may be a good way to rejuvenate his bat. Hopefully his home run Tuesday is a sign of things to come. Historically, Mauer plays well in May as it has been, arguably, the most productive month throughout his career. In the month of May during his career, Mauer has a .313 average and has hit more homers in May than any other month.

Buxton is not as established, but he has shown he is better than what he has shown this season. With a .153 average, Buxton has not been impressive by any stretch of the imagination. While it has been a tough start, he could be in for improvement as the season goes on.

His career average is only .210, but that is still quite a bit higher than what he is producing right now. Also, Buxton flashed power last season with ten home runs in 92 games. He didn’t hit his first home run until Tuesday night, which could help him get going.

Over his last ten games, Buxton has seen his average go up 70 points while going seen for his last 29 and driving in three runs. That may not be much of a hot streak but it is a step in the right direction for the 23 year old outfielder.

They will help an already dangerous offense

While both players have been lackluster, there are signs that point to them coming around. Mauer’s track record and Buxton’s upside are reasons not to worry. Both will get better, which will bring more life to the already lively Twins offense.

With the emergence of the young guys on offense, along with the continued success of Brian Dozier, the Twins are rolling. What could make their offense scarier is the emergence of their young star combined with a bounce back from their veteran leader. If those variables fall into place, the Twins offense will set to make a run.