Minnesota Twins Trivia: Twins Hall of Fame


Can you name the members of the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame?

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As the offseason continues at its current molasses-like pace, Minnesota Twins fans need something to keep their minds occupied until baseball starts up again. Or at least until the rumors and reports start churning again. To help alleviate the agony, Puckett’s Pond brings you the second edition of Twins Trivia.

Before we jump into the Twins Hall of Fame quiz, let’s take a look at how our readers fared on last Wednesday’s quiz. Last time we challenged you to recall the Twins’ 1987 World Series roster. If you haven’t taken that quiz yet, take it before you read on as spoilers lie ahead.

The average score was 48%. Not bad, it was 28 years ago and only our more “experienced” readers would actually have witnessed it live. Getting half right is basically like getting all the starters correct.

2.2% got a perfect score—if we trust their integrity of course. If you were truly able to get a perfect score off the top of head, Puckett’s Pond salutes you and gives you a virtual star sticker.  4.4% got 1-2 answers right—I think we can trust those individuals’ integrity. The most guessed answer was, surprise surprise, Kirby Puckett at 94%. The least guessed answer was George Frazier at 5.9%.

There was a quirk about the quiz. We didn’t get any guesses on that. The quirk was that there were only 24 names. Playoff rosters can have 25. The Cardinals also only had 24 that series. It’s possible they both decided to go with one less than was permitted. Have a look at this article for a more in-depth look at this oddity. If you have an answer to this riddle that you can prove, leave it in the comments.

On to today’s quiz. We’re looking for the members of the Minnesota Twins’ own Hall of Fame not Twins players who are members of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown (however, there is some overlap of course).

Simply press play and type in last names (full names if you feel like typing faster). You have 4 minutes.

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How did you do? Feel free to share your score and possibly even brag a bit in the comments.