Minnesota Twins Trivia: 1987 World Series


Can you name the 1987 Minnesota Twins World Series Roster? No cheating!

It’s been a slow news week for the Minnesota Twins. Aside from a minor league signing yesterday, the team has done nothing substantial since signing Byung-Ho Park. It’s the perfect time for some Twins Trivia while we wait for things to heat up.

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For this inaugural edition of Twins Trivia, we look back to 1987. It was the first World Series Championship won by the Minnesota Twins. The pre-1961 Washington team also won a championship in 1924, but the 1987 and 1991 World Series are obviously much dearer to Minnesota hearts.

The Twins were not expected to go very far in the 1987. They finished only 8 wins above .500. They were seen to have a sub-par rotation, and just decent hitting, fielding and relievers. However, they blew past the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS 4-1. The Tigers were a much stronger team in the regular season with 98 wins.

The Twins moved on to face off against the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. The Cardinals put up much more of a fight than did the Tigers. The series went to 7 games. Interestingly, all 7 games were won by the home team. The 1987 World Series was also the last to have a day game (played inside the Metrodome). The Twins eked out the series 4-3. The man who inspired the name of this site had a huge game-tying double in the clinching game. The Twins’ Italian second baseman drove in the go ahead run and had the highest OPS on the team in the series. A pitcher who’s last name is a musical instrument (We can’t be just giving out answers before the quiz begins now can we?) started game 7 and was named series MVP. Three players whose last names start with G had home runs in the series. Two other pitchers started games in that series for the Twins. One is Dutch and the other is Venezuelan.

No more clues. Time for the quiz. Simply press play and type in last names (full names if you feel like typing faster). You have 4 minutes.

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How did you do? Feel free to brag about your score in the comments section. (Bonus kudos to anyone who noticed the odd quirk and maybe even has an explanation)