Is Troy Tulowitzki To The Minnesota Twins Actually Possible?


I have seen a lot of chatter recently on social media, mainly Twins’ fans alike clamoring for Colorado Rockies All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. Needless to say, Tulowitzki wants to be just like his idol, Derek Jeter, and finish his career with the team he started with. However, Colorado is set to turn in their fifth-straight losing season with evidently no hope in sight. Could the Twins actually make a deal to persuade the Rockies to trade the face of their franchise?

The answer is yes, but Colorado will be hesitant on trading arguably the best shortstop in today’s game. Just keep in mind the salary involved regarding Tulowitzki’s contact. The 31-year-old is owed roughly $20 million this season alone and for the next four years. Tulo signed a hefty seven-year contract extension back in 2010, keeping the slugger in Denver until 2020 for nearly $118 million total. If the Twins were to take on such a contract, Colorado would have to agree to eat a portion of it.

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Tulowitzki would be a blockbuster addition to a Twins lineup looking for power and production. Entering play Wednesday, Tulowitzki is slashing at a line of .316/.360/.495 with 19 doubles, 12 home runs, 52 runs batted in and 46 runs scored. As for the Minnesota Twins and their shortstops, they currently rank 16th in the Majors with an average of .253. However, the production from Minnesota’s shortstops has been bare to say the least. In 93 games played (336 at-bats), they have combined for just two home runs, 39 runs and 27 RBI’s — yikes. Tulowitzki alone has 12 home runs, 46 runs and 52 RBI’s to his credit — 25 more runs driven in than Minnesota’s SS.

Tulo is an elite talent in Major League Baseball and it will take quite some talent to get him as we all know. I don’t know how Minnesota’s front-office would take to such a deal, but you’d have to think Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano are off-limits. With that being said, shortstop Nick Gordon (younger brother of Dee Gordon) would have to be involved in talks. The 5th overall pick the 2014 MLB June Amateur Draft lit it up in his first year of rookie ball last season, slashing at a line of .294/.333/.366 with 6 doubles, 4 triples, 1 home run and 28 RBI’s.

Colorado will be in desperate search for pitching help, meaning Kyle Gibson will likely be an option, possibly even Alex Meyer. One player I certainly would vouch for as a Rockies’ fan would be Jose Berrios. The 21-year-old was a supplemental draft pick (32 overall) back in 2012 and has a fastball that touches 95-96 consistently. He will be a work in progress but definitely worth the look.

With that being said, a Troy Tulowitzki trade to the Minnesota Twins is realistic, yet difficult at the same time. It all comes down to how Tulo’s salary is distributed with both teams and the asking price in which Colorado has set.