Minnesota Twins: Joe Mauer’s Beard Is Here To Stay


Forget about the scoring woes. Forget about the new skinny Ricky Nolasco looking a lot like the old not-so-skinny Ricky Nolasco. Forget about real baseball things and let’s focus on what really matters about the Minnesota Twins: Joe Mauer’s appearance.

If you’ve caught any of the games, who knows if you have since MLB loves day games on the first week, you might have noticed that there is a new addition to the Mauer presence. Gone is the baby face or just a little bit of stubble and here is a real grown man beard.

And it is here to stay for a while.

“Letting it grow.”

Beautiful words for a beautiful man’s face.

Mauer is trying to shake off a horrible year for Mauer standards a year ago and a beard can do nothing but help him get back on track. Some teams don’t shave during the playoffs, I vote that Mauer doesn’t shave until the Twins make the playoffs.

A beard like that would make Mauer a surefire Gold Glove first baseman with people tripping on it every time they tried to round first and head into second base and Brian Dozier’s beautiful hair. That side of the infield really needs a shampoo endorsement…

On the field, in two games this season, Mauer has two hits in seven at-bats and has struck out once. Mauer turns 32 years-old on April 19.

Hopefully the Twins score by then and the beard is even more glorious.

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