Minnesota Twins: The Silver Lining To The Scorelessness


I don’t want the Minnesota Twins to score until the eighth inning against the Detroit Tigers on Thursday afternoon. If you are a real Twins fan, you also don’t want them to score until then. Heck, maybe the Twins shouldn’t score until they come home on Monday just to be safe.

The magic number is 26 innings. 26 scoreless innings is the longest drought to start a season, but Rhett Bollinger of MLB.com found the silver lining to the looming dark ominous cloud directly above the heads of the Minnesota Twins.

The 1943 St. Louis Cardinals were a pretty good baseball club and someone I wouldn’t hesitate to ask the Twins to emulate. The Cards won 105 games that year which is a lot. I’ll be okay if the Twins just break .500.

The Cardinals also made it all the way to the World Series before losing it in five to those pesky New York Yankees. We feel your pain, 1946 Cardinals fans, we feel your pain.

Featured on that team was also a guy by the name of Stan Musial, who was a pretty good ballplayer. So if taking almost three full games of no runs means that in return the Twins will win 105 games, make the World Series and have a player that balls like Musial, sign me up.

If this is just a sign of things to come… I might just go be a fan of the 2015 Cardinals.

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