Minnesota Twins: The Week We Lost Trust In Ervin Santana


A couple of days ago the Detroit Tigers announced that Justin Verlander wouldn’t be available in the first series of the year and the Minnesota Twins would be avoiding the former Cy Yong award winner. I can’t really brag about the pitching anymore.

The Twins pitching staff went from looking like a strong arm of the team to being, once again, a questionable aspect now that Ervin Santana is gone for half of the season. Not only did Santana take the Twins’ pitching staff and the team down this week, but also took down any trust Twins fans can have in the former Kansas City Royal.

It all started with Santana being sued by a Florida jeweler. It seemed like an odd story, but most were willing to write it off. Santana could afford the $40,000, so it must be fake jewelry. Then again, why would a jeweler try a stunt against such a public figure like Santana. Plus, it looks like Santana likes to see if he can get away with things.

Then we get to the beautiful Stanozolol suspension. Santana has said that he doesn’t know how the performance enhancer got in his body, a lot of people who get caught say that kind of thing, but it would be pretty tough for Santana not to know. Stanozolol is taken either orally or via injection, so unless someone is crushing up a pill and putting it in his smoothie or he’s a really hard sleeper… I think Santana knows what was going on.

I almost feel bad for the Twins and their attempts at big free agent signings. Ricky Nolasco a year ago stunk, Torii Hunter is too old for the contract they gave him and now Santana is a steroid user. The Twins can’t have nice things and we really can’t trust Ervin Santana anymore.

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