Minnesota Twins Ervin Santana Being Sued By Jeweler


I have to admit the report from Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press is suited for an April Fools Day prank, but the lawsuit against the Minnesota Twins shiny new jewel in Ervin Santana is a real thing that is happening.

The nuts and bolts of the story is that Santana bought over $40,000 worth of jewelry from Major League Jewlers in Florida. Santana gave a down payment of a couple grand, but has failed to pay the rest because Santana claims that the jewelry, that he bought, is fake.

The Santana camp is not denying the lack of payment. Santana has sent written letters claiming the fake jewelry, according to the Pioneer Press those writings were received back in October. The lawyer representing Santana told the St. Paul paper that they were not going to let this small lawsuit affect Santana and his upcoming season and preparation for it.

What really needs to be found out is if the jewelry is in fact fake or not. It is not like Santana can not afford a multi-thousand dollar jewelry bill with the Twins just handing him over $55 million to be the second fiddle in the Twins rotation.

Santana is not the only well-known name to hit up this jewelry store. The Pioneer Press points out that Major League Jewelers website shows Edwin Jackson, Marlon Byrd, Hanley Ramirez, CC Sabathia, Dwyane Wade, Timbaland and Paris Hilton.

Following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton is always a wise move just make sure they are no video cameras around.

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