Brian Dozier Amongst Best In MLB The Show 15


The Minnesota Twins are ready to turn some heads this upcoming season. Despite being projected to finish last in the AL Central and struggle for wins, this roster should be viewed as one that could make some waves. With plenty of upside across the board, Minnesota could surprise quite a few teams. In the video game world, only Brian Dozier is viewed amongst the best in the big leagues however.

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Later this month, Sony will launch MLB The Show 15. The long running gold standard when it comes to baseball videogames, The Show has now revealed the top 10 players at each position. Void of many Twins names, only Brian Dozier finds himself included amongst the reveal.

When it came to second basemen, Brian Dozier was tabbed as the seventh best player at the position. In order ahead of him are Robinson Cano, Dustin Pedroia, Jose Altuve, Ben Zobrist, Ian Kinsler, and Chase Utley. He is followd by Dee Gordon, Howie Kendrick, and Neil Walker. Of the list, you could probably make the argument that both Pedroia and Utley may be given more benefit than they deserve. Dozier’s 84 overall rating makes him one of the better players in the game.

Looking at the other positions, it’s not really all that surprising that any Twins aren’t included amongst the game’s top 10. What’s more surprising is maybe just how far Joe Mauer has fallen. It’s fair to suggest he isn’t amongst the top 10 first basemen in the major leagues, but clearly the game doesn’t see him in a good light at all. After multiple seasons as one of the games best catchers, and being generously rated well above 90 on the game, Mauer will find himself rated lower than 84. With Anthony Rizzo rounding out the top ten with an 84 overall, Mauer will find himself looking up at quite a few players with better ratings than himself.

MLB The Show 15 comes out at the end of March and once again should be on the list of the year’s best games.

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