Minnesota Twins To Use Glen Perkins As A Typical Closer


The role of the closer is a little weird, right? You keep your best pitcher out of the bullpen for the very last inning of the game; you could be up by as much as three or little as one… Don’t get me going on the save stat.

It’s conventional to use the closer this way. It will stay that way for the Minnesota Twins as new manager Paul Molitor told the Pioneer Press that he will use All-Star closer Glen Perkins conventionally.

Perkins won’t be seeing too many four-out saves or the wild and crazy idea of putting your closer in the game when it’s at its tightest and not necessarily a save situation. Perkins will be pitching the ninth, hopefully a lot and a lot when the save is actually a possibility.

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The using a closer in an unconventional role where the game is tight is not happening yet in baseball, but it should be looked at closely by some teams. Why have a mediocre middle innings hurler face the meat of the order in a one-run game, when your best relief arm is still available and potentially can ‘shut the door’?

It just makes you think.

No one can complain about Glen Perkins, though. Perkins has been the bright spot on an otherwise dim team over the last handful of seasons.

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