2015 Twins: Who Paces The Strikeouts?

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The Minnesota Twins have retooled their starting rotation heading into the 2015 season. With a handful of quality options, they will have a strong competition for the fifth starting spot for the first time in a few seasons. With pitchers capable of getting batters out, strikeouts should also rise this season. The question is, who paces the club?

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Last season the Twins saw only three pitchers total more than 100 strikeouts, and that number should be almost guaranteed to rise this season. Considering the quality and the pitchers added into the equation, Minnesota will have more than the stereotypical “pitch to contact” types to put on the mound.

Looking up and down the rotation, there are no options incapable of striking batters out, and that’s something that should benefit the Twins defense. Here is who we see leading the club.