For Some Reason John Gordon Wasn’t Elected To The Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame


Maybe every Hall of Fame is messed up. It’s possible. The process of getting into Cooperstown is pretty screwed up, but I didn’t think it would be that tough of a thing to get it right for a franchise’s own Hall of Fame.

The Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame looks to be a little screwy.

Last weekend, it was announced that no one made the team’s Hall of Fame for the first time since the thing was created in 2000. The candidates need 60% of the vote to get in and no one got it.

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That’s understandable. It’s a good rule too. Someone deserving missed the Twins Hall of Fame though. It’s a shame that this man wasn’t a first ballot Hall of Famer.

This man is not Cesar Tovar, he should be already in too. It’s not Jim Grant, you know him as Mudcat and another guy that should be in. I’m not even talking about the other player who finished in the top three, Dan Gladden.

Gladden does know the guy rather well, though.

John Gordon. How did John Gordon not get elected? It’s a crying shame that he didn’t.

When I think about the voice of the Twins, I still think John Gordon. Sure, he was the radio voice of my childhood, but how many games did I listen to on the radio? I was and have been much more exposed to Dick Bremer, but Gordo is still my guy.

Maybe it’s the radio guy in me, but there is no denying how loved the man is in Twins Territory. Just try watching the tribute to him before his final broadcast without getting something in your eye.

This man might not have won the World Series for the Twins, but he called them. He called losing seasons and winning seasons and he put up with Dan Gladden for years.

I love Eddie Guardado more than a person should and I think Gordo is more of a Twins Hall of Famer than Every Day Eddie. I could make the list go on and on.

John Gordon needs to be in the Twins Hall of Fame. Give the Twins Hall of Fame it’s voice.

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