Twins Breakdown: Grading Offseason Acquisitions

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The Minnesota Twins lost 90 games once again in 2014 and set up their offseason by needing to address some key deficiencies throughout the organization. With pitching once again failing at the major league level, and outfield defense being a key, the Twins set sights on addressing their issues.

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Knowing that some of the organization’s top prospects were nearing a debut at the major league level, it became time to spend this offseason. Minnesota would need to supplement the young internal talent, with key offseason acquisitions. Going out on the free agent market and bringing in talent that can provide depth as well as immediate impact was a focus of the Twins.

Now with the second highest payroll in club history (just under $106 million), the Twins have addressed plenty of problem areas. The question in, how does each signing look in the context of the organization as a whole?