Terry Ryan Talks Buxton And Sano With Twins


It is now the second day of the 2015 version of Twins Fest. Fans have poured into Target Field over the course of the last two days, and their goal is to break up some of the winter cold with some Twins excitement. There arguably may be no better players to provide that than top prospects Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano. Twins general manager talked about both of them a little more candidly today.

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In speaking with Mike Berardino, Ryan mentioned that both Buxton and Sano are possibilities for the Twins at some point in 2015, and they could both be called up.

In speaking with Dave Campbell from the Associated Press, the same sentiments were shared.

As a Twins fan, should that development excite you? Of course it should, but I would argue it should also cause some pause. A season ago, both Buxton and Sano dealt with injuries. San underwent Tommy John surgery and saw his season come to an end before it began. Buxton went through the ringer when it came to injuries, and his season never got off of the ground. Had neither of those developments taken place, we would be in a very different place.

Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano probably could have been options for the Twins last season in September had they not gotten injured. With that in mind, it rings almost certain that both should be options for the Twins in 2015. I’ll give Ryan that I don’t believe Buxton should start anywhere but Double-A Chattanooga out of the gate, but Sano may be a different story.

As a designated hitter, Kennys Vargas is far from a proven commodity, I am of the belief that Sano should have the chance to win that job outright. He may lack the defensive ability right now to play third at the major league level, but Trevor Plouffe looked impressive in 2014. Sano’s bat is ready to blast 30 plus home runs at the major league level, if Vargas doesn’t have that down consistently yet, it may be time for the kid to get a look.

Take a look at Bernardino’s twitter to check out some other interesting comments Terry Ryan made as well. I’m particularly a fan of his thoughts on the Max Scherzer deal.

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