Four Years Of Futility: How Did The Twins Get Here?

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If you follow the Minnesota Twins in even the most casual sense, you are more than aware that the past four seasons have been anything but good. Having lost 90 or more games every season since 2011, the Twins have been in a dark place. Realistically though, we can now look back to the reasons that the futility has taken place. With the ability to evaluate draft picks, it is why the organization went through what it has.

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Recently, we looked at the opening day rosters of each Twins team from 2011 onward. Looking at the talent at the major league level, it could be expected that struggles would take place going into the season. Now taking a look at what talent was on the horizon, and what it has turned out to be, we can provide even a little more context.

Considering it takes a while for talent to reach the major league level, let’s compare the 2010 and 2011 drafts, to those most recent.