2015 Minnesota Twins: Winning On The Horizon

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To say the Minnesota Twins find themselves in a rough spot coming into the 2015 season is an understatement. The team has lost over 90 games every year since 2011. After being a perennial AL Central powerhouse, the organization has fallen into the cellar and has yet to find a way out. With one of the best farm systems in major league baseball, there is hope on the horizon.

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For a minute however, let’s forget what the minor league system even looks like, and take solace in the fact that we can almost guarantee this year should bring significant reason for hope. To understand why 2015 should be better, we must first understand why the past has been so tragic.

Starting from the beginning, 2011 can provide us the first look as to why the arrow is point up, and Minnesota finds themselves in a much better starting point. The crux of the understanding stems from the construction of each opening day roster.

Let’s take a look…