Positional Battles: What Happens In The Twins Outfield?

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Although the Twins have most of their starting lineup locked in, there is a significant amount of uncertainty when it comes to just how the outfield will play out. One paper, there are three guys that ideally slot into each of the roles, but over the course of Spring Training, a couple of different scenarios could start to play out.

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Whether it is the two corner spots you are most interested in, or the man in center field, the Twins have a couple of things that they will be monitoring this spring. By all accounts, Torii Hunter is locked and loaded for the starting right field spot, even if his defense doesn’t necessarily warrant it. On the other side, Oswaldo Arcia will be the Twins left fielder, as long as his back holds up.

Having the corners taken care of, it will be on Paul Molitor to evaluate his best bet in center field this spring. Let’s take a look at his options…