Twins Takes: Seven Hot Predictions For 2015

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In the upcoming season, the Minnesota Twins will have an absolute abundance of opportunity presented to them. From the obvious ability to improve on the 2014 record, to the less obvious timetable for young prospects arriving, the storylines run rampant. While it is always easy to take the cautious road when it comes to anticipating an upcoming season, it’s a bit more fun to go out on a limb.

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As the Twins are set to embark on Fort Meyers for Spring Training, the time for making future projections is coming to a close. Before too much of what is to come in 2015 is revealed, let’s make some things set in stone.

Take a look at five bold predictions for the Twins in 2014…

Aaron Hicks is considered an asset

Based on the handful of posts in previous weeks regarding Hicks, you can assume I am of the belief that there is something to be excited about there. Once a high draft pick, nothing has clicked at the major league level. That said, things came together for Aaron after his demotion a year ago, and transitioning that to the next level is all that is left. Giving him the ability to play through Double and Triple-A in succession, and then undertake a major league Spring Training may just have been the path that he needed.

While the hustle and work ethic issues brought up by Ron Gardenhire are only on Hicks to address, the results seem promising. Despite Byron Buxton being on the rise, Hicks could play himself into a left field role and cement himself into the Twins plans. At 25 years of age, he is still young enough to make a long-term impact for the Twins, and 2015 will be his chance to start.

Statistics aside, give me Hicks as the starting centerfielder, while hitting around .250 and being amongst the team leaders in stolen bases.