Hey Minnesota Twins, Sign Johan Santana


Sign him. I give the Minnesota Twins my permission to sign Johan Santana. I’ll even write up the contract:

This contract signifies a contractual agreement between the Minnesota Twins baseball franchise and Mr. Johan Santana for his pitching services. Mr. Santana will be signed to a minor league contract with an invitation to the major league club’s spring training outings.

If Mr. Santana proves himself, the franchise will look at adding Mr. Santana to the major league club. If that happens and Mr. Santana proves to be a similar pitcher to his award winning first stint the Minnesota Twins, the Twins will have Mr. Santana back up his vehicle of choice to the loading dock at Target Field and the team will fill said vehicle with all of the monies that the team has, including whatever Kenny Chesney is due to make this July.

If Mr. Santana does not perform this well, the ball club will supply a check that is at league minimum and no one will cry about said price.

_________________ <- Terry Ryan signature line

_________________ <- Johan Santana signature line

It’s that easy, folks. It’s a no-brainer in my simple mind.

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The risk in signing Johan Santana is that of a minor league contract. It would be a miracle for any team in the league to give Santana a major league deal. In the grand scheme of a baseball franchise, a minor league contract does little to a team’s pocketbook. A minor leaguer to the Pohlad’s is like a Diet Coke at the gas station to you and me.

Again, we all have to go in to the deal knowing that the likely hood of Santana being the Johan Santana we know is slim to none, but that doesn’t mean he’s not worth the chance.

There have been concerns that if Santana is good that he could take away starts from young arms. That is putting the cart well in front of your animal of choice. A good Santana is good for the Twins, if he out pitches 20-somethings, that’s their problem. It might be a shock they need.

With signing Torii Hunter the Twins showed that they don’t want to totally punt 2015, apparently. It’s a publicity stunt that will have productivity on the major league level. Let’s do the same with Johan. Get the band back together. Bring on back the fans that don’t pay attention to the Twins unless they are good.

Sign Johan. There is literally nothing to lose.

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