Ex-Minnesota Twin Scott Baker Is Holding Out For Major League Deal


Number 897. That’s where a certain man stands, a certain pitcher who’s blown around in the major leagues, on the Baseball Reference ranking of pitchers.

Scott Baker, Timothy Scott Baker, is holding out for a major league contract. Yes, the ex-Minnesota Twins pitcher is holding out hope. Reportedly, Baker has the eye of five different organizations, but all of them are only offering him a minor league deal.

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Baker spent parts of seven years at the major league level with the Minnesota Twins and only pitched 200 innings in one season. In fact, Baker struggled and keeps struggling to keep his ERA under 4. Baker’s career ERA stands at 4.25.

After leaving the Twins, Baker has seen major league playing time with the Chicago Cubs and the Texas Rangers. 2014 saw Baker with the Rangers with Baker having a 5.47 ERA in 25 games  with eight starts thrown in.

Before catching with the Rangers last season, Baker spent most of spring training with the Seattle Mariners, Baker was signed in January, released on March 24 and signed by Texas four days later.

Pitchers are always needed in the major leagues, but Baker might not be high on the priority list for anybody at a guaranteed deal. Will someone sign Baker to a minor league deal? Of course. Should he be holding his breath for a major league deal? For his sake, he better not.

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