Minnesota Twins Year In Review: November 2014


November saw the official hiring of Paul Molitor as manager to a Minnesota Twins team that ended it’s season with another 90-loss record. September had some big rumors and some big news highlight the top of the charts.

Without further interruption, let’s review the month that was November here on the Pond.

5. Pitching Coach Bert

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Molitor’s staff took some time to assemble, one of the big pieces that took a while to nail down was the pitching coach job. A lot of big names came up as rumors anyone from Jack Morris to Frank Viola to the one and only circle machine that is Bert Blyleven got their name thrown in the ring. The job did not end up in Bert’s hands. His hand will still be touching a telestrator, sadly.

4. Santana Sweepstakes

Before Ervin Santana was officially a Twin, there was a rumor he might be coming north to join the Twins. That rumor came true and I think all Twins fans are at least somewhat excited about the move. Let’s just hope he is a little more Phil Hughes than Ricky Nolasco. Okay, a lot more Phil Hughes.

3. Cespedes Coming?

Unlike the above Santana rumor, this one did not come true. A rumbling that Yoenis Cespedes might be on the Twins radar was all that it was, a little rumbling that had us a little excited for a second in time. Funny how life works that way.

2. New Unis

Change is bad. Sometimes. Well, it depends. Initial reaction was that the Twins made a bad move in the jersey department by mainly adding a gold drop-shadow to their wordmark, but the hatred hasn’t been a sustaining force on Twitter after the unveiling. The new design grows on you, plus, it will really by time to judge when we see the uniforms on the field in march.

1. Kemp? 

Just a couple months prior, Matt Kemp was linked to the Twins during the trade deadline. It looked like an okay fit at the beginning of this offseason again, but nothing came of the Kemp coming to Minnesota train. The train instead went to San Diego, almost went back to Los Angeles, but eventually stayed in San Diego. Yes, that was a heck of a metaphor. You’re welcome, America.

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