Bert Blyleven In As Twins Pitching Coach?


The Minnesota Twins are beginning to round out their coaching staff after announcing Paul Molitor as the newest manager of the club. After naming Tom Brunansky as the hitting coach once again, and promoting Gene Glynn to the third base coach position, the Twins still have a question as to who their pitching coach will be. Could Bert Blyleven be the answer?

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At this point, Blyleven is a broadcaster for the Minnesota Twins, and has been since 1996. After being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011, Blyleven saw his career accomplishments finally result in the ultimate recognition. Sporting a 22-year Major League Baseball career as an extremely successful pitcher, the Twins may look to the former player as a coaching option.

Blyleven managed both the Netherlands team in the World Baseball Classic, as well as the World Team in this year’s All-Star Game. While he doesn’t have an extensive coaching resume, he has more than enough knowledge to pass along to younger generations.

Barry Bloom of suggests that Bert Blyleven could fit the bill as the Twins pitching coach, and he also represents and in house option. While Twins Territory may have grown tired of promotion from within, thus far the coaching staff has once again all rounded out from inside of the organization.

Blyleven carries a significantly different personality than that of former pitching coach Rick Anderson. A more humorous and light-hearted style, Blyleven may be the boost the Twins need in the pitching department.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m not sold on Bert Blyleven being the best option for the Twins. I still think that is one coaching position that should be filled with the best possible candidate from outside of the organization. However, at this point, it appears as if it could be a possibility.