Review: Super Mega Baseball for PlayStation 4


As we are a baseball focused website here at Puckett’s Pond, it’s always nice to venture out into other avenues of the sport. Despite not everyone being gamers, there is a very large contingent of the population that participates in the hobby. There may be no better time killer until Opening Day hits than Super Mega Baseball on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3.

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Now for those who are familiar with baseball video games, Super Mega Baseball is no MLB The Show, and the beauty is that it doesn’t try to be. At $19.99 and a downloadable arcade title off of the PlayStation Network, it is a perfect pick up and play title.

The arcade action is very apparent from the get go. Whether playing through a simple exhibition or venturing deeper into the season game type, the action is controlled by upping the ego. While there is difficulty modifiers, the main challenge is based upon how much ego you put into the game.

On the diamond, Super Mega Baseball continues along the lines of simplicity. Very little requires advanced knowledge of baseball games. Pitching and hitting are controlled easily through button presses and time mechanisms. On the basepaths, runners are easily advanced and retreated, while nearly all fielding plays are assisted to some level. As a whole, the control scheme lends itself wonderfully to the arcade style the game employs.

From a top down level, Super Mega Baseball falls somewhere in the realm of games like The Bigs and Hot Shots Golf. It takes cues from the game of baseball, gameplay ideas from more arcade titles, and graphically is backed by a rich color palette and cartoon style. In combination, each aspect combines to make one of the greatest arcade baseball experiences to hit the market.

In combination, each aspect combines to make one of the greatest arcade baseball experiences to hit the market.

Again, at $20, there’s really no reason not to pick up Super Mega Baseball. With the winter months in full swing, the excitement of the Hot Stove season, and MLB The Show still plenty far off on the radar, Super Mega Baseball is the perfect holdover for any baseball fan. One purchase working for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 gives the user advanced flexibility as well.

No matter what level of gamer you are, Super Mega Baseball is a must for any baseball fan.