Minnesota Twins Year In Review: July 2014


July was big for two things for the Minnesota Twins and Puckett’s Pond. First, and by far the biggest story line of the month, was the MLB All-Star game taking it’s game and further activities to Minneapolis and Target Field. Second, trade rumors. Although none of the trade rumors ever came true, they still were flying around for a time.

Let’s go back into the heart of summer and look back at the month that was July.

5. Kurt Suzuki On The Block

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Even though Suzuki made the All-Star team, it looked like the Twins might actually move the catcher to get a prospect or two back. Two eventual playoff teams, St. Louis Cardinals and the Baltimore Orioles, called about the All-Star after their own star catchers were sidelined for the rest of the season. Of course, Suzuki is still in Minnesota.

4. Celebrity Softball

Told you that the All-Star game was popular. The post previewing what essentially is ESPN’s filler programming was quite popular. What I will always remember from the event is the fact that then-Timberwolf Kevin Love was scheduled to play in the game, but then pulled out. Probably a good idea since, you know, he wanted a trade and was touring the sites in Boston at the time.

3. Home Run Derby

Hey, Brian Dozier was in this thing. I’m serious. He sucked in the event, but he was there. I think there’s even video proof of his participating. Although, he could have had the tapes burned. I don’t know. Maybe it’s like the Gopher basketball season that never technically happened.

2. Matt Kemp? Maybe? Possibly?

The now San Diego Padre was once a Los Angeles Dodger that potentially could have been a Minnesota Twin. A lot of names get thrown out as the deadline looms, but I have to say that I’m more than happy that the Twins didn’t land Kemp. Mainly because I’d be forced to make milk jokes and I’m not better than that.

1. All-Star Game Lineup

It’s always important to know who’s going to be playing in the game that matters, for some reason. A lot of our valued readers tuned in just to see the batting order of who would be hitting where in the All-Star Game at beautiful Target Field.

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