Minnesota Twins Year In Review: August 2014


August saw the arrival of a season that no longer had the All-Star Game to talk about which means that we had to actually talk about the Minnesota Twins’ actual season. We are sorry, but it’s our job. It’s a fun job, but we can all agree it would be for our best interest if the Twins could actually win a game.

Anyway, let’s recap what happened in August here on the Pond.

5. Playing For September

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Another Inception-like post. It’s the August recap and one of our big stories was one about the next month. Did you follow that? Basically the Twins were so bad that they were playing for when they could have the good ol’ September call-ups. That’s Twins baseball.

4. Miguel Sano Progressing

Everybody wants to know about Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano. Sano was progressing nicely after his early season injury and is still on pace to be ripping the cover off the ball in a little over a month when the boys meet up in Florida for Spring Training.

3. Bye Darnell, Hello Milone

The Twins turned earlier in the season pickup Sam Fuld into Tommy Milone. Milone was initially sent to Triple-A, but soon brought up to the big leagues and Logan Darnell was sent back to Rochester. We’ll leave my commentary about Milone’s performance with the Twins out of this otherwise joyful recap.

2. Mauer’s Move

If you just tuned in, 2014 was the first season that Joe Mauer played first base on a full-time basis. No more time behind the plate, Mauer will forever be a first baseman with an occasional DH day. Was it a good move for the Twins and Mauer, though?

1. Jordan Schafer

A rumor that turned to truth. Before Jordan Schafer was a member of the Minnesota Twins, he was rumored to be on his way to the Minnesota Twins. Good job, beat guys. You nailed this one. Sorry that Danny Santana has to be awesome and won’t let you play center, Jordan.

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