Minnesota Twins Year In Review: June 2014


In June we got into the heat of the summer. On the personal side of things here on the Pond, we added co-editor Ted Schwerzler who absolutely killed it in his first month with the site. His interviews with the Twins’ draft picks were hugely popular along with everything else that Ted has touched on the site. I’m talking about Ted to avoid talking about the Twins season.

Let’s talk about the Twins season and count down the top five stories of June here on the Pond.

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5. Nick Gordon Talks

His brother is Dee Gordon, his dad is the Flash Gordon and he was nice enough to talk to us. Gordon projects to someday be a major part of the Twins success and his interview was a great one. Thanks, Nick!

4. Kendrys Morales Makes It Interesting

The Twins decided to sign Kendrys Morales when they were still somewhat in position to maybe make a run at having an okay season. It turned into a move that just made me feel good about my body and what I could possibly do since Kendrys and I are the same shape. Morales was supposed to make summer interesting, he did by not being that good…

3. Danny Santana Era Begins

I think back and it’s hard to think of a time when Danny Santana wasn’t great, but there was a time. He took us all by storm and we liked it. We liked it a lot. Here is proof of how much we liked the fact that Danny Santana was doing things for the Minnesota Twins, while many other Twins were not doing anything.

2. Yohan Pino In, Sam Deduno Out

That mini-headline is depressing in itself. The fact the Pino had to replace Deduno is just a sick, sick commentary on the shambles the Twins rotation has been in in recent memory. Ted was analyzing Pino and he’ll never really get that time back. I’ve apologized to him for us all.

1. Brett Doe Talks

I believe this was the first interview Ted got and it was also a good one. Brett Doe doesn’t have the name appeal that Nick Gordon has, but Twins fans obviously care. That’s what makes Twins fans the best and Puckett’s Pond’s readers the best as well. Thanks, Brett! Thanks, Twins Territory!

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