Meet Minnesota Twins Draft Pick, Brett Doe


The 2014 Major League Baseball draft is in the book, and while each year the draft focuses on top prospect going early, the draft is won and lost by scouting departments hitting on late round picks.  Although some of the late round picks don’t have the same pedigree or story of the early round guys, the climb to the major leagues can be even more exciting.

In the 38th round of the 2014 MLB Draft, the Minnesota Twins called Brett Doe’s name.  Doe, a 5th year senior from Baylor, was drafted as a catcher after playing most of the season in the infield.  The Texas product has limited knowledge of the Twins being out of market, but he’s already been to Target Field, and now he starts his quest to get back; this time as a player.

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Recently I caught up with Brett to ask him a few questions about himself, the Minnesota Twins, the Baylor Bears, and his love for the game of baseball.

Puckett’s Pond: As a 5th year senior at Baylor, what were your draft expectations coming into the 2014 MLB Draft?

Brett Doe: As a 5th year senior, I was honestly not highly concerned with the draft during our season. I was focused on enjoying the last year with my teammates, and competing on the field.  I have spent past years worrying about the draft, but in the end I can’t control what scouts think of me.  All I could do is go out and play the game the way that I know how to play.

Once the season was over, I was worried I would not be drafted because clubs did not get to see me catch this season.  I started a few games at catcher, but spent all other games starting at shortstop.  I listened to every round, and it was rough waiting until the 38th round to hear my name called.

Hearing my name called was more exciting than I ever imagined it could be (especially after a long wait).  I am not concerned with being picked late, all I am concerned with is that I get to continue doing what I love to baseball.

I am not concerned with being picked late, all I am concerned with is that I get to continue doing what I love to baseball.

PP: For those in Minnesota wanting to understand a little bit more about your game, can you explain your style at the plate, both in the batter’s box and while controlling the game with the gear on?

BD: My coaches tell me that I’m a unique player.  I am a utility player, and I love playing defense.  My favorite position is behind the plate because I am in every pitch, and I enjoy working with pitchers.  My arm is good behind the plate and in the field.  My favorite thing in baseball is to throw a runner out attempting to steal, or to pick off a runner by throwing behind him.  I am a hitter that competes at the plate, sees a lot of pitches, and I spray the ball to all parts of the field

Staff Photo- Rod Aydelotte

PP: At Baylor, what was your greatest experience both on the diamond and in the community?

BD: My greatest experience at Baylor on the diamond was just being around my best friends, and playing alongside them.  The one memory I will remember the most is when I hit a big home run in my last Big 12 Tournament.  I was blessed at Baylor being able to connect with the community.

Baylor is great about reaching out into the community.  My favorite thing we did is Challenger League Baseball.  Challenger League Baseball is a league for children who battle certain challenges that prevent them from playing Little League Baseball.  We hosted a day of games at our stadium each year, and it was the most rewarding day of the year for me.

PP: The Twins have been a franchise largely regarded as doing things the “Twins Way” and have prided themselves on winning as a small market club, what do you know about the Twins organization?

BD: Growing up in Texas, I was not able to watch many Twins games; only  seeing them whenever they came to play in Arlington.  I did go to a game the first year that Target Field opened, and I was amazed by the atmosphere.  Twins fans were absolutely awesome, and the stadium was my favorite that I’d ever been to.

Staff Photo-Rod Aydelotte

I have always liked the Twins because they have never been a bunch of high-priced guys.  The Twins are baseball players that play the game hard, and the right way.  I have always admired that about their organization.

PP: If there’s one Major League player, past or present, that you would say you emulate your game after, who would it be and why?

BD: I emulate my game after Craig Biggio (I grew up an Astros fan).  Biggio came up as a catcher, moved to the outfield, and then settled in the infield.  He played the game hard every single day, and found ways to help his team win.  Biggio was a leader for his team, and remained loyal to his team throughout his career.

Craig Biggio did not have a natural swing, but worked hard to get better every single day.  He also competed at the plate every single time he got up there, he never threw away at-bats.  He has always been a hero of mine, and I emulate my game after him as much as I can

Brett will be headed to Fort Myers in the coming days as he signs his first big league contract.  From there, he will find out what his assignment is, likely headed to the GCL or DSL Twins to start his journey to the big leagues.  Whether a first round pick, or a 38th round pick, Brett is well on his way to hear his name ring through the downtown Minneapolis skyline as he is announced for the Minnesota Twins.