Minnesota Twins Year in Review: May 2014


May brought May flowers… kinda. Minnesota Twins fans were already looking towards the future with the big stories of the month. The stories that got the most traction were about the minor league happenings. I can’t blame anyone for wanting to read about the dandy future.

Let’s skip through the flowers together and count down the top May stories here on the Pond.

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5. Top Minor League Performances

An end of the month recap on the end of the year recap seems very, very Inception-like, but we’re going to go with it. Here the top minor league performances of the month were highlighted. We wanted to do the same thing with the major league club, but we couldn’t think of enough to really make a legitimate list.

4. State of the Minors

Like the President, sometimes you need to address the people and tell you’re constituents how the progress is going. You can see that those statements are always wanted especially about the future of the Minnesota Twins. Those darn prospects, they’re adorable.

3. Roster Mismanagement With Arcia

To summarize, Oswaldo Arcia was hurt and his rehab was up and the Twins decided to keep him in the minors. I was still mad at Aaron Hicks and thought the Twins should’ve swapped the two. It didn’t take long for that to happen, but it’s always nice to have one of your outfielders be a productive one.

2. Hammer and Arcia Returns

The Twins had injuries. That’s a recurring theme for every Twins season, really. Both Josh Willingham and Oswaldo Arcia were on the disabled list or the minors, see above, and were ready to come back to the big league squad. The outfield was a little packed at the moment, so who was going to get voted off the island? Hopefully not Jeff Probst.

1. Alex Meyer Being A Beast

This might come as a shock, so sit down before you read this. The Twins had a top prospect that was doing very, very well in the minor leagues and everyone wanted that pitcher to be called up. Guess what the Twins did? Yep, they didn’t call him up. Alex Meyer still hasn’t pitched in the majors when he probably should have in May.

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