Minnesota Twins Show More Roster Mismanagement With Option of Oswaldo Arcia


I can’t remember the last time the Minnesota Twins didn’t have a shortstop in the outfield. That’s not something that any baseball follower should ever have to say, because saying it just sounds so incredibly sad.

This season has been full of questionable roster choices for the Twins and at least they are being consistent. Oswaldo Arcia was activated on Wednesday, but was demoted to Triple-A Rochester which I would accept if the Twins didn’t have a million guys in the bullpen.

Seth Stohs of Twins Daily highlighted some reasons why it was a good move for the Twins to put Arcia in Triple-A.

These two are good reasons. I can’t even deny these reasons, but there are more reasons to have Arcia with the major league club than to have him in Triple-A.

Aaron Hicks has been struggling and should be sent back to Triple-A. Arcia hasn’t been tearing up the world, but I still think he should have the upper hand between himself and Hicks.

The Twins would have to make room for Arcia on the active roster. Chris Parmelee would have to be designated for assignment to make room, but let’s not stop ourselves at Parmelee, especially since he’s been playing quite well since his call-up. Matt Guerrier doesn’t need to be here. He was horrible in his minor league starts and just seems to be a retread of the failed Jason Bartlett leadership project.

It might be the easy choice to option Arcia, but just because it’s easy doesn’t make it right. It’s just like playing shortstops in the outfield, it might sound like fun, but it’s really not something you should be doing at the major league level especially for multiple days.