Trevor May Shares His MLB Experience


The Minnesota Twins made two significant trades involving outfielders Ben Revere and Denard Span. Both of those players meant a lot to the Twins lineup, and the return they brought back needed to be equally as important. Alex Meyer and Trevor May ended up being the return, and the latter made his major league debut with the Twins in 2014.

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In a whirlwind of a season that saw Trevor May be select for the Future’s game, get injured, and then be called up to pitch for the Twins, the journey to the big leagues was culminated in exciting fashion.

I had the opportunity to pick Trevor’s brain and hear some of his thoughts regarding his 2014 season. As he heads into 2015 with an approach geared towards being a key cog of the Twins pitching staff, check out what he had to say about the year that was.

Puckett’s Pond: Having been selected to participate in the Future’s Game as well as having been promoted to pitch for the Twins in the same year, looking back at 2014, what was your most exciting moment?

Trevor May: Nothing compares with getting called up. That is the single biggest moment of my life thus far, and I’ll never forget it.

PP: Through your first taste of big league action with the Twins, what are some key building blocks you feel will help you in 2015?

TM: First of all, I think it was important for me to build a certain comfort level, with the routine, the team, and the atmosphere overall. I’m glad I was able to move past those jitters and make the adjustments I need to make to bring the team some success. Building on the experience, and learning which tools I have are most effective at the big league level, are things I’m going to take into 2015.

PP: The AL Central is a tough division to pitch in, down the stretch a lot of lineups were daunting. Who was the toughest hitter you faced this year and why?

TM: V-Mart (Victor Martinez), simply because his ability to fight off pitches he couldn’t hit as hard. That combined with his recognition of mistakes, made him a tough out.

PP: Going into 2015 knowing you cracked the rotation a season ago, how if at all, does your approach to spring training change?

TM: Well, having experience at the big league level just fortifies that I can get guys out consistently. Knowing that, I’m going to come into spring in the best shape I’ve ever been in, ready to compete for a spot. Then, go out and compete for every single game. Give myself, and my team, the best chance to have success and win games day in and day out.

PP: Having been around Paul Molitor in other capacities, now seeing him as your manager, what is the most exciting asset he brings to the position?

TM: Moli is as great of a baseball mind as there is in baseball right now. From the running game to fielding shifts, to small ball, I think that experience is going to translate into using all of our players to the best of their abilities. He’s an ultra competitor and that’s what he will bring out in us.

Looking over Trevor’s responses, it appears that the Twins have a lot to be excited for on the horizon. With a budding pitching staff that has a considerable amount of promise tied to it, as well as a new manager that will be looking to get the most out of his team, expectations should rise in 2015.

Trevor May stepped into a tough situation in September for the Twins, and the growth he showed down the stretch will likely entrench him into the Twins plans for years to come.

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