Minnesota Twins Need To Pass On Torii Hunter


Let’s take a moment to talk about the future. Yes, it is a scary place, but we have to plan for it. The Minnesota Twins have been selling their fan base on the future for many years now. The future has been pushed back with injuries to Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano, but the future is still the most promise the team has.

We also like to look at the past. The Twins used to be good. Really good. Like, winning the division every year good. They couldn’t get past the first round of the playoffs, aka the New York Yankees, but at least it was 90 wins and not 90 losses.

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A huge part of all that winning was a guy by the name of Torii Hunter. He was a superhero to most Minnesota Twins sports fans. He was the Spiderman of baseball. Then he left for the Angels and the money the Twins never seem to have.

He is now 39-years-old and will turn 40-years-old midway through the 2015 campaign. He is also now a free agent after the Detroit Tigers announced they would not re-sign the Gold Glove winner. The rumor is that the Twins and Kansas City Royals are the hardest charging for his services.

While Hunter is still a productive outfielder, something the Minnesota Twins desperately need, he is not the answer the Twins should be looking for.

Accept the lumps and improve the young players up at the major league level. As much as I complained about Danny Santana being in center field in 2014, at least he was getting major league at-bats and looking quite good while doing it.

The signing of Hunter would shutout a different youngster from the same potential opportunity.

The Twins don’t need to kiss-up to a fan base. The fan base has fallen already to a level of horribleness that only winning will repair. An old Torii Hunter will not put this team over the edge of anything related to winning.

Accept the fact that the Twins will probably once again suck in 2015. It’s easier that way. It’s not what you want to do, but accept it.

The Twins always like getting the band back together. They did in 2014. Matt Guerrier, Jason Bartlett and Jason Kubel were all brought back to rekindle the flame. Don’t let Hunter be another edition of cold ashes.

Hunter is a better baseball player than Guerrier, Bartlett and Kubel, but the ideal is the same. Don’t kiss-up to a fan base that doesn’t exist. Kiss-up to the fan base you want to have and build up for the winning days.

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