Minnesota Twins Reportedly Won’t Name Manager This Weekend


Good news, Twins fans. You don’t need to be holding on to your cellphones all weekend. No need to continually be checking Twitter for the latest updates. It doesn’t look like the Twins will end the tease of a new manager until after the weekend according to the amazing Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press.

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Although Monday isn’t far away, the hunch thrown around Twitter today was one that I do also believes holds water. The longer the Minnesota Twins wait to name a manager, the less likely I feel that the manager will be

Paul Molitor


If Molitor was such an obvious choice, it would have happened already, right?

A Star Tribune report from Thursday morning said the Twins were going to be bringing in more candidates to interview. Thursday afternoon saw a report from 1500 ESPN that states Terry Ryan has spoken to everyone in his search.

As the process keeps stretching on, the less we really know it seems. We know the Twins have a managerial opening and it needs to be filled. We’re pretty sure that the new manager will be Paul Molitor, Doug Mientkiewicz or Torey Lovullo, but anything is a possibility at this point.

Terry Ryan could pull a Flip Saunders! Yes, that was said with my tongue very much in my cheek.

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