Minnesota Twins More Focused on Cars Than Winning


Recently I received an email from the Minnesota Twins marketing department.  While I would love to feel as if I was the only one subjected to the silliness enclosed, the email was issued to all Twins fans with emails currently in the Twins database.  The idea that the survey enclosed in the email is real, well it’s just hard to believe.

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For some perspective, the Twins have faltered again in 2014 and have really struggled to put together any sort of winning team.  Pitching has once again been the biggest issue, and the Twins are looking 90 losses right in the eye.

While going through the survey, there was one question that stood out by and large more than the rest.  Feast your eyes on the steaming pile of…well just look at the image.

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So let’s take a step back, pick your jaw up off the floor, and let’s get through this together.  The Minnesota Twins currently have 78 losses.  Hitting 90, needing only 12 more with the entire month of September left, looks to be a very doable feat.  Minnesota’s highest priced free agent acquisition Ricky Nolasco, has an ERA out of the stratosphere.  But here we are, comparing the Twins brand to car companies.

Terry Ryan, I get it, you’re cleaning up Bill Smith‘s mess.  Ron Gardenhire I get it, you’re dealing with a lack of talent.  Minnesota Twins, you don’t get it, let’s not go down the road of comparisons; I promise for your sake, you don’t want to know where that leads.