Minnesota Twins Rank Amongst the Best in Beer


That’s right, you read that correctly.  The Minnesota Twins and Target Field rank among the best in baseball in a category.  Unfortunately it isn’t one that impacts the situation on the field (I suppose unless we are talking about the Red Sox), but beer offerings are among the best in all of baseball right here at Target Field.

The craft beer market has seen a higher boom than nearly any other category in food or drink across the country.  Baseball stadiums have begun offering tours and trips focused solely around the beer experience, while throwing in baseball as background noise.

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In Minnesota, the craft beer market is very alive, and it is supported to a great extent.  Thanks to a recent article by The Washington Post, we are able to see the impact that the budding offering has had on the game of baseball.

While the Cincinnati Reds are credited with bring the craft beer market to the ballpark, the Minnesota Twins have carved out a nice offering for themselves.

Based on the article, the Twins are the 9th best overall club when it comes to beer offerings at Target Field.  The 9th overall ranking puts them second in the AL Central, just behind the 6th ranked Detroit Tigers.

In contributing to that 9th overall ranking, the Twins scored 10th in the locality category, 12th in quality, and 6th in uniqueness.  Thanks to a solid amount of breweries surrounding the Twin Cities area, Minnesota can utilize the product to the fullest extent.

Among the highest rated craft beers at Target Field are, Coffee Bender, Overrated West Coast IPA, Day Tripper, Saga, and Dale’s Pale Ale.  Two of those check in from Brooklyn Park, MN Surly Brewing Company, while Indeed and Summit Brewing company make up the other two Minnesota based breweries.

While it’s no consolation for a less than stellar on field product, it just goes to prove why Target Field continues to be one of the best supported stadiums in sports.  Target Field is not only the home of the Minnesota Twins, but it is a destination, and one worth visiting.

If you’re headed to the ballpark over the weekend to catch some of the series with the Royals, make sure to check out some of the craft beer selections noted in the article.