Brian Dozier is About to Get Paid, and He Should


The Minnesota Twins don’t currently employ the best player in the major leagues at many positions.  Joe Mauer probably held that title while he was behind the plate, but that point is now moot.  While it may be going out on a limb to suggest that Brian Dozier is the best second basemen in baseball, he’s not that far off.  Now is his turn to cash in.

Dozier made the jump to the big league club following an exception spring training in 2012.  After tearing the cover off the ball down in Florida, the 25-year-old, and former 2009 MLB Draft 8th round pick, made his Minnesota Twins debut.

Brian Dozier has experienced some ups and downs in his time with the Twins, but few heights have been higher than where the gifted second basemen has propelled himself to this year.

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In 2014, Dozier leads all second basemen with 20 home runs and his 51 RBIs rank him fifth for the position.  While his average has never been great, he is 8th in OBP and SLG at .340 and .427 respectively.  On the defensive side of the ball, Dozier has once again performed up to a Gold Glove caliber.

Currently only making 540k this year for the Twins, it is time for Brian Dozier to receive a restructured contract.  Jedd Gyorko was recently signed to a 5 year, $35 million deal while Jason Kipnis inked a 6 year, $52.5 million deal.

In baseball, contract figures are relatively pointless when it comes to constructing a team.  With no hard salary cap, teams can spend along the lines of their strategical positioning rather than live by dollar amounts.  In the case of Brian Dozier, he probably should fall somewhere in between those two numbers.

Dozier is undoubtedly a better player at this point in his career than both Gyorko and Kipnis.  His production has warranted such praises and he should be considered amongst the Robinson Cano‘s and Jose Altuve‘s of the world.  With that being said, the Twins likely won’t want to go as high as Kipnis’ deal, and will have his slide as ammunition.

Really what it comes down to is that the Minnesota Twins have a second basemen that can be a part of their turnaround not only next year, but for years to come as well.  Brian Dozier needs to be a part of the Twins organization, and it looks like that feeling is mutual for the Twins.