Joe Mauer Resumes Hitting


Joe Mauer, the Minnesota Twins prized first basemen, is finally making steps towards his return to the field.  For the Twins, Mauer is not only one of the most scrutinized players on their roster, but he is also one of the most prolific.  Thoughts about his contract aside, Mauer means more to the Twins lineup than most players mean to their organization as a whole.

The Twins shifted Joe Mauer to first base this year in an attempt to keep him healthy throughout the 2014 season.  With that plan going somewhat awry thanks to an oblique injury, Twins Territory is clamoring for their hometown hero to get back on the field.

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Out since July 2, Joe Mauer took batting practice today for the first time.  While he has done defensive drills and taken ground balls at first base, few tests will provide a better test to where his injury is, than taking actual swings.

At this stage, and considering the time he has missed, Mauer will more than likely need a short rehab stint prior to re-entering the Twins lineup.  However, at 31 years of age, and having come on at the plate prior to his injury, Mauer should be back in action within the first few weeks of August.

For the Twins, there is little to hope for in September aside from some promising call ups.  In regards to Mauer, a strong finish to the season, to propel him to pick up where he left off for 2015, is a best case scenario.

The Twins understand that it is in 2015 where they will see a resurgence of the winning ways the franchise has come accustomed to in recent years, and if that is to happen, Joe Mauer will be an integral part of it.