Twins Trade Rumors: Kevin Correia Holds Most Value


Major League Baseball is nearing its trade deadline, and while a host of teams are looking to bolster their playoff chances, the Minnesota Twins are once again looking for ways to get a return on a few of their assets.  The one with the most value however may surprise you, and that’s because it may be Kevin Correia.

For the Twins this year, Correia has posted a 5.06 ERA, he’s tallied just 54 strikeouts, and he has a career worst, 13 losses.  So why in the world would he be the most valuable to the Twins?  Because of what he is currently holding.

Minnesota has granted a rotation spot to Kevin Correia, one that he has pitched himself out of.  The Twins are likely looking at yet another 90 loss season, and if things don’t turn around, could find themselves losing 100.  The pitching staff has been terrible for the most part, and Correia has been more a part of the problem than not.

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Changing the tide is not far off for the Twins however.  With names like Alex Meyer, Trevor May, Jose Berrios, and Kohl Stewart in their farm system, the Twins may never have had more quality arms.  In 2015, the Twins will be looking to make waves in the AL Central, and some of those names will be counted on to do so.

Whether the Twins can get anything more than a bag of balls for Correia is irrelevant, moving him opens the door for a greater opportunity.  Rather than running rookies out for their first taste of major league hitters in a season that needs to be a turnaround, August and September of this year provide a greater opportunity.

With Correia out of the picture, Meyer and May could both find themselves in the rotation, making meaningful starts towards their development and ability to hone their craft in 2015.

Terry Ryan and the Twins should be looking at the 2014 Major League Baseball trade deadline and staring at Kevin Correia’s name.  The notion shouldn’t be focused around a huge return, but rather, addition by subtraction; something the Twins could use to conclude the season.