Own Part of Puckett’s Pond, Get Your Limited Edition T-Shirt!


We teased it yesterday, and now we bring it to you for the first time ever; it’s your chance to own part of Puckett’s Pond.  We know Minnesota Twins fans reside not only on Puckett’s Pond and in Twins Territory, but all over the country.  Now you can share your love for both Puckett’s Pond and the Minnesota Twins in your Limited Edition Puckett’s Pond T-Shirt.

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Our campaign just launched today, and time is of the essence to secure your Limited Edition Puckett’s Pond T-Shirt.  The initial run will only last 20 shirts, and they are sure to go quick.

The Puckett’s Pond shirt makes a great gift for friends or family, and with the summer and baseball season nearing fall, there’s no better time to treat yourself or surprise someone else.

Hopefully we are able to litter Target Field the rest of the season, and well into 2015, with fans wearing Puckett’s Pond Limited Edition T-Shirts.

With a wide range of sizes and a great price (Just $15!), the Puckett’s Pond Limited Edition T-Shirt is for everyone, and we hope to have you sporting the logo throughout Twins Territory soon!

Whether or not you are able to get in on the exciting T-Shirt action, make sure you stay tuned throughout the rest of 2014 for all of your Minnesota Twins news, information, and breaking stories.  With the trade deadline looming, and September call ups sure to produce some exciting times for the Twins, there is plenty to look forward to.

Win Twins, and enjoy life on Puckett’s Pond!