2014 MLB All Star Game: Nelly Goes Yard for National League


The 2014 Taco Bell Legends and Celebrity Softball game got underway following the Sirius XM Futures Game yesterday at Target Field.  While the event doesn’t air on ESPN until tonight following the 2014 Gillette Home Run Derby, the action and atmosphere were great.  Pitting stars and celebrities against each other, fans got to see what individuals looked like out of their element.

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Much to the crowds dismay, it looked as if confirmed participant, Nelly, wasn’t going to be making an appearance.  However, following the lineup introduction, Nelly was on the bench and entered into the game.

Being from St. Louis, and a huge Cardinals fan, the superstar rapper was an intriguing option in the field, playing third base next to long time Cardinals great, Ozzie Smith.

With the game taking place at Target Field, the ovations for Adrian Peterson and Zach Parise nearly shut the ballpark down.  Parise ended up playing a slick fielding shortstop throughout the game, and while he was rarely tested, it seemed that he was more than capable of handling a glove.

On the other end of the spectrum, Adrian Peterson, playing right center for the American League team, was seen laughing at himself with a smile on more often than not.  At the plate however, Peterson wasn’t afraid to back down from a challenge.  Although he did face at least 4 strikes, Peterson stepped in against Jennie Finch, and swung at fastpitch heaters right down the pipe.

Former Twins member and future Hall of Famer, Jim Thome, was an absolute blast.  As an all around good guy, he too enjoyeda very strong standing ovation and helped to put on a show for fans.  Following the game, he even slugged a few softballs over the fence as part of a celebrity Home Run Derby challenge.

Plenty of other stars had strong performances.  Long home runs by David Nail and Rickey Henderson got the crowd excited as well.  Rob Riggle provided laughter and James Denton provided some strong efforts with the glove.

At the end of the night though, it was Nelly and David Nail taking home co-MVP honors.  For Nelly, this was his second Celebrity Softball MVP performance.  Two long Home Runs for the National League team, and a handful of great plays at the hot corner, garnered him the away.

David Nail also put the ball out of the park plenty and drove in a handful for the National League team.  The country singer, along with his teammate Nelly, helped to carry the visitors to victory over the American League team by quite a wide margin.