#VoteMorneau: The Poem


Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Remember all the good times that we had?

How the sight of a helicopter swing would make you glad?

Recall how you chanted MVP?

A Justin Morneau shirsey was cool as could be

He might be gone, but he still needs your love

To get in the All-Star Game he needs an extra shove

Some hometown pride for the Canadian boy

To see him back would give us all great joy

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You have until three o’clock central to cast your vote

Make sure Justin’s Tuesday isn’t spent on a fishing boat

Stop reading this poem and accomplish your mission

Don’t make my plea just into some kind of wishing

A Rockie, A Twin a Pittsburgh Pirate too

He deserves a 2014 All-Star uniform decked out in blue

Get to clicking or tweeting and then do it some mo’

Whatever you do, keep voting Morneau

Your ballot awaits you here. Seriously, you only have until 3 PM  Central to vote for Mr. Morneau, so go!