2014 MLB All Star Game: Final Vote Hash Tags Count


With the 2014 Major League Baseball All Star Game just around the corner, the 2014 Final Vote sponsored by Experian, is well underway.  With 5 players from both the American League and National League rosters set to duke out who will become the last inductee onto the team, things are going to be heated.

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Respective Major League Baseball teams have changed their Twitter handles are have updated their avatars to remind you who to vote for and who they are rooting for.  With hash tags now counting as votes, fans have from 9am central to 3pm this after noon to make their difference.  Voting can be accomplished at MLB.com or by hash tagging one of the following on Twitter.











Here at Puckett’s Pond, without a horse in the race, it seems like a no brainer to try to bring Justin Morneau back to Target Field by winning him the Final Vote for the 2014 Major League Baseball All Star Game.  With the final two competitors to be announced for the Gillette Home Run Derby today as well, multiple sources have reported that should Justin make the game, he may be asked to participate in the derby as well; he is a previous winner of the event.

Justin Morneau never got his proper send off from Target Field prior to being dealt to the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Now is Minnesota Twins fans time to give him that opportunity, and acknowledge what a stellar season he is having in the Mile High City.  Get out there and make sure to #VoteMorneau.