From the Titans to the Twins, meet Twins draft pick Austin Diemer


Few colleges are as highly regarded as the Cal State Fullerton Titans are on the baseball field.  Typically, playing for Fullertong results in a pretty storied college career, followed up by a likely opportunity to hear you name called during the Major League Baseball draft.

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Over the weekend, in the 28th round, the Minnesota Twins selected Austin Diemer, an outfielder out of Rocklin, California.  With plenty of Major League teams in his backyard, the Twins likely haven’t been his focus much of his life.  Now as a member of the organization, Austin starts his journey towards his debut at Target Field.

I had a chance to catch up with him and find out a little bit more about the Titans star.

Puckett’s Pond: As a junior this year for Fullerton, what were you expectations for the 2014 MLB Draft?

Austin Diemer: After the fall, I had high expectations for both myself and the team.  I started slow, but was definitely happy with a strong finish.  I am very thankful for the opportunity given to me by the Twins, and can’t wait to take this confidence into pro ball.

PP: Cal St. Fullerton has a pretty solid pedigree as a baseball school, what has been your favorite experience for the Titans?

AD: I have been very blessed, and have learned so much by playing  at such a powerhouse program for the past three years.  My favorite experience has been the relationships I have built  with my teammates, and the influences they have had on me.  Many of them will be lifelong friends and I am excited to see where their careers take them.

PP: As a centerfielder, what does your game look like?  Are you a speed guy?  More of a power hitter?  What would you describe your game like?

AD: I am definitely a speed guy.  I love being able to make an impact  on the game by tracking down balls in center field, and flying around the bases.  I am tapping into the power part of my game and excited to keep progressing.

PP: Being from California, what do you know about the Minnesota Twins?  Have you ever been to Target Field?

AD: I have never been to Target Field, however I have been to Minnesota.  I watched my sister, and role model, compete at the Junior Olympics for club volleyball when I was in middle school. I also lived in the Midwest, this past summer, in Wisconsin while playing in the Northwoods League for the Wisconsin Woodchucks.

PP: What does your next few weeks look like after the draft?  Do you already know what’s next?

AD: I head to Florida first for a couple of days to finalize everything before heading out to Tennessee to play for the Elizabethton Twins in the Appalachian League.  I am very excited to get there and start playing!

PP: Finally, past or present, who is your favorite major league player and why?

AD: A local guy I have been compared to a lot, and always enjoyed watching, is Eric Byrnes.  I love his energy, work ethic, and hard nosed attitude which is are all things I strive for every day.

Having already played in the Northwoods League and been exposed to wood bats, Austin should have a seamless transition period to the next level with the Twins.  As his career gets underway, there is nothing more exciting for him or the Twins, than watching Austin climb through the Minor League ranks.

Looking ahead, we hope to be hearing Austin Diemer introduced for the first time, at Target Field, in the very near future!