Is Walker Jenkins playing in Twins Spring Breakout game?

Twins fans will have to keep waiting to see the team's top prospect showcased.
2024 Minnesota Twins Spring Training
2024 Minnesota Twins Spring Training / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

Last year the Minnesota Twins experienced a youth movement that saw top prospects like Royce Lewis and Edouard Julien get called up and have an immediete impact.

The movement doesn't end with them, or guys like Matt Wallner and Ryan Jeffers. If there's one thing the Twins have prided themselves on its the robustness of the farm system, and the next crop of young stars are on the rise.

It's not just the Twins who have young talent waiting to make a mark. MLB is showcasing top prospects on every team as part of the new Spring Breakout series taking place this weekend.

Each team will play a game that features a lineup made up of their Top 30 prospects. That means Twins fans who have been hearing names like Brooks Lee, David Festa, Emmanuel Rodriguez, and Gabriel Gonzalez will finally get to see them in action.

Minnesota's top -- and most lauded -- prospect won't be part of the action, though.

Walker Jenkins ruled out for Spring Breakout game vs. Rays

Derek Falvey announced earlier this week that Walker Jenkins would miss the Spring Breakout game with a quad strain, which means fans will have to keep waiting to see him showcased. Even without Jenkins in the lineup, there's still a lot to love about what we're going to see.

Jenkins would haved played the outfield in the Spring Breakout game, giving fans a glimpse into an insanely bright future. Had Jenkins played, the Twins would field would have been:

  • Walker Jenkins
  • Emmanuel Rodriguez
  • Gabriel Gonzalez

All three of those guys are Top 100 prospects and seeing them all in the same outfield is bonkers to try and comprehend. Instead, Jenkins will be replaced by Jose Rodriguez, who is the teams' No. 26 overall prospect.

Even without Jenkins, it's hard to find a hole in the lineup. Brooks Lee will be leading off but there are plenty of other names to keep an eye on. Yunior Severino lit up Triple-A in September last year, leading to him being added to the 40-man roster to be protected from the Rule 5 Draft.

Kala'i Rosario is often forgotten when talking about how many top prospects the Twins have, but he'll be making a solid case for being a part of that conversation in the Spring Breakout game. David Festa, who might be the next big pitcher in the pipeline for Minnesota, will be on the mound making a case for himself as well.

We know what the Twins roster and lineup will look like on Opening Day -- mostly -- but this glimpse into the future is going to show us just how bright things on the horizon are.

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