Did umpire yell at Byron Buxton to get off field after suffering knee injury?

This was absolutely unnecessary.

While the Minnesota Twins were able to get an incredible tenth win in a row on Wedensday, all anyone could think about was the health of Byron Buxton.

After having an incredible start to the season, one in which he had stayed completely healthy, Buxton left Wednesday's game in the top of the second inning after getting caught stealing. He came up limping while trying to take second and didn't emerge from the dugout a half inning later to take the field.

The Twins announced that right knee soreness was the reason for his early exit, something that is especially concerning given his past issues with knee injuries.

Watching Buxton pull up lame at second base was a horrific sight for Twins fans, but it was the sounds during his slow walk off the field that got the blood boiling.

Umpire yelled at Byron Buxton to get off the field after suffering knee injury

Adding literal insult to injury, umpire Rob Drake appeared to be caught on a hot mic yelling at Buxton to get off the field faster despite having just suffered a knee injury.

Umpires have already come under fire this season for seriousy questionable calls that seem to firmly cross into the territory of being aggressively wrong. Wildly inconsistent strike zones, mind-boggling called strikes, and botched reviews have dominated the game so far this year, but Drake rushing an injured Buxton off the field might take the cake.

There’s some debate as to who Drake was yelling at. It sounded like he was talking to Buxton, but Dan Hayes checked on it and the official story is that Drake was yelling at a fan.

It's hard to overstate just how big of a bummer a potential Buxton injury is. For the first time since early 2022 he was playing at a high level and looking like the All-Star everyone knows he can be.

Buxton was alive at the plate and displaying his signature speed in the field including on a pair of vintage defensive plays he made to give fans something to cheer about during an otherwise terrible stretch for the Twins.

That's the Buck we're used to seeing.

The fact that he looked to be so consistently and firmly back felt just as good -- if not better -- than the winning streak the team is on. To see him once again setback by an injury is a devastating blow not only to the lineup but to fan morale.

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