MLB insider proposes a truly wild overpay for Twins to acquire Mets slugger

Jim Bowden proposed a trade the Twins need to stay as far away from as humanly possible.
MLB insider Jim Bowden proposed an insane trade that would see the Minnesota Twins wildly overpay for Pete Alonso.
MLB insider Jim Bowden proposed an insane trade that would see the Minnesota Twins wildly overpay for Pete Alonso. / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

As the MLB trade deadline nears, the winds of the rumor mill are going blow harder and faster. So far the only major deal to happen is Luis Arráez getting traded to the San Diego Padres, but that blockbuster ended up being more of a tease than a precursor to action. 

Without any actual trades, the rumors have been coming in hot and heavy. It’s to the point where even the Minnesota Twins are getting mentioned in big time trade proposals, whether it be acquiring Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette, or Jesus Luzardo. 

In the trade rumor frenzy, another commonly mentioned name has popped back into the conversation. New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso has been mentioned as a potential fit for the Twins in the past — how concrete that has been in reality remains unclear. It’s made for some good fodder, though, and the Twins have once again been linked to him with just over a month to go before the deadline arrives. 

The most notable thing this time around isn’t how well Alonso fits with the lineup, it’s how far away the Twins should stay from the offer that The Athletic’s Jim Bowden tossed out

Twins need to stay as far away from the viral Pete Alonso trade proposal as they can


Oh baby that’s a haul, and the kind that would have the Twins being laughed at for getting fleeced almost as soon as the deal went through. There’s a decent offer somewhere in there, but the trade package as it stands is an absolutely wild overpay. 

Steve Cohen would have to wear a ski mask when accepting the offer. The ghost of David Stern would rise for the grave to veto the trade for being too lopsided. It’s the kind of trade that MLB The Show would reject and crash if you tried it out.

Alex Kirilloff is the most realistic name in the offer, with perhaps Luke Keaschall making some sense as trade bait. David Festa shouldn’t be mentioned anywhere near a trade offer, let alone this one. Perhaps one of them and a lower-level prospect like Marco Raya makes sense, but a package of all three is outrageous. 

One of the chief problems with this making sense is how Alonso isn’t really hitting that well this season. His upside is tremendous, but the Twins got burned two years ago acquiring Jorge Lopez and that’s a lesson they clearly learned from. The Twins have an addiction to taking fliers on big names with high-upside who are underperforming but not at the expense of top prospects. 

The sour taste of two deadlines ago probably won’t be washed from the front office’s mouth anytime soon, and this proposed deal reeks of being tailor made to blow up in their faces. Alonso as a trade target makes sense, but at this price the Twins should unplug the phone lines and block all calls coming in from Queens. 

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